How It's Made

Tidewall is produced from highly weatherable, impact resistant recycled PVC compound. Through our parent company Regenex Corporation, we control the recycling process from material acquisition, to cleaning, sorting and grinding, to insure a high quality compound. Other vinyl sheet piling manufacturers are not vertically integrated to this degree.

This carefully prepared compound is then extruded into the finished Tidewall shapes. Careful attention is paid to the physical specifications; wall thickness to maintain strength, the flange angles to make a straight wall, and the male and female lock dimensions to insure ease of installation. Careful and consistent calibration and cooling of the part is required to maintain straightness. Pigment is added to produce the required color, with light grey being the standard, but other colors also available.

Tidewall produces both mono-extruded and co-extruded Tidewall products. It is important to note that both methods can produce high-quality walls. Mono-extrusion is one compound, extruded through the entire thickness of the part. Co-extrusion is extruding two compounds at the same time to form the finished sheet; a typically lower cost substrate material to give the sheet its mass, and a weatherable cap to cover the exposed surfaces. Regardless of which one we use on a given Tidewall sheet, our compounds are all highly weatherable, impact modified compounds, inside and out. Our vertical integration gives us a significant cost advantage over other manufacturers, which is why, despite the use of premium raw materials, Tidewall sheets are always competitively priced.

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